A journey in time

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La Mora is an story driven adventure puzzle RPG coming out for Windows PCs with XBOX, PS and Switch to follow.

Inspired by classic puzzle games, venture into a rich 3D world of stunning visuals, procedural generation and a rich story. More than just a game, we're building an immersive experience with a rich story and complex world which will slowly unravel as you solve puzzles which twist your mind!

Join me on this development journey and watch how this game progresses. You can follow my weekly/bi-weekly dev logs on YouTube. Follow on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for teasers, progress and info along the way. 


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The Story

Time is Broken. This should be the Golden age of Mankind. Someone, something, has changed our history, and left us picking up the pieces. You are part of a group tasked with repairing the damage... However, something went wrong. You can't remember your mission and the machine that brought you here is broken. Your only clues are vague memories, along with a name; La Mora. You have to piece together your mission, your memory, and your wits, before time as we know it, is gone for good!


Latest Dev Diary